Coming Soon – New Book

I’m starting to plan my next book, Sam and the Dragon Egg.

I’ve done the bulk of the writing so it’s time to get sketching! Watch this space for updates. Meanwhile, Bird is still available here.


Bird Is Live

My first picture book, Bird, has just gone live on the iBooks store.

It’s a lovely read for younger children, perhaps between 4 and 7, and  jolly reasonable price! If you buy and enjoy Bird, please help spread the word on Facebook, Twitter etc. and leave a review.

Bird picture

Bird chases a…?

More from the Bird Project

Partway through a new image for my book project. A cheeky fox looking for some dinner… the villain of the piece, naturally!

On the hunt for chickens!

On the hunt for chickens!

Greeting Cards

So, during a slight lull in business, I am trying to create some extra work. On top of the two book projects I’m developing, that is! I’m considering revisiting the greeting card market. Having completed a set of designs some years ago for a commission, I look at them now with nostalgia. Critically, however, they’re not brilliant. The gags are a little surreal in nature. On top of that my artwork is now considerably improved and I feel I could probably do a lot better. I’m not sure my sense of humour has improved to the same degree, however, but I’m perhaps better at knowing where to draw the line! Now the hard work begins – new designs and finding buyers. A daunting prospect.

Now my initial problem is the designs. Humour? Contemporary art? Typography? So many avenues to choose between. I’ll get some sketches done and work from there.

However, if you know a buyer or publisher of card designs, do get in touch through the Keep In Touch page!

Wait for it…



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