Open doors – News

Had a great meeting with another creative this week, which may open some doors for both of us. Looking forward to investigating possibilities! It has been a while since I have collaborated on a project for mutual benefit, so this should be exciting.

At last the children’s book is finished!

All the illustrations are now complete for my children’s book project.

Now all I need a publisher!

I would be pleased to hear from anyone who can put me in touch with a reputable children’s book publisher, or indeed from a publisher themselves.

The book is about a Bird who is different from other birds. A newcomer to the neighbourhood tries to help the Bird to fit in, but the Bird’s differences win the day. It’s a heart-warming tale for 5-7 year-olds with friendly illustrations but not overly moralistic.

Here’s another picture to whet your appetite!

illustration of cat and bird

Another sneak preview from my children’s book “Bird”

Greeting Cards

So, during a slight lull in business, I am trying to create some extra work. On top of the two book projects I’m developing, that is! I’m considering revisiting the greeting card market. Having completed a set of designs some years ago for a commission, I look at them now with nostalgia. Critically, however, they’re not brilliant. The gags are a little surreal in nature. On top of that my artwork is now considerably improved and I feel I could probably do a lot better. I’m not sure my sense of humour has improved to the same degree, however, but I’m perhaps better at knowing where to draw the line! Now the hard work begins – new designs and finding buyers. A daunting prospect.

Now my initial problem is the designs. Humour? Contemporary art? Typography? So many avenues to choose between. I’ll get some sketches done and work from there.

However, if you know a buyer or publisher of card designs, do get in touch through the Keep In Touch page!